In our North-American context, the organizations and professionals evolving in the real estate sector will benefit by using the correct terms in English and in French.

The real estate glossary, developed thanks to the meticulous work of Jacques Magnan, Professor of Real Estate Finance at ESG UQAM and Chair lecturer, has identified the best translations for more than 2,000 words used daily in handling real estate.

Classified by alphabetical order starting from the English words and available in PDF version, this glossary will allow you to find the researched word in English and in French.

To access this glossary, simply click below on the letter corresponding to your search:


We welcome and encourage your comments, corrections or suggestions relating to any of the words used in this glossary. With this in mind, do not hesitate to communicate with the person responsible for this project.

In charge of  the project:
Jacques Magnan, MBA, AIC (Accredited Appraiser), Lecturer, ESG UQAM.