1 | Real Estate Careers


This area of research aims to analyze the evolution of skills, careers and professions in the field of real estate and in particular to study how they are affected by the various institutional changes and technological or organizational innovations. The new skills in property management all involve the appropriation of new and constantly updated information and communication technologies. They cover many aspects: contracts, energy, sustainable building certifications, project management, risk management methods, major risks and resilience, reputation, ethics and integrity risks , Strategic intelligence (market intelligence, technology watch, institutional, legislative and regulatory changes, monitoring of new practices), relations with investors, customers, the community and the city, analysis of public or private statistics and meta data, etc. Appraisal, financing, investment and asset portfolio management skills are also involved.


  • Analyze the evolution of careers and professions in real estate.
  • Study the impact of innovations and new technologies on real estate professions.

Related projects

Real estate careers

A project dedicated to meet the human resource needs which aims to stimulate the next generation and support it so that it is at the forefront of knowledge in the areas of commercial real estate, industrial and multi-residential, including office buildings and shopping centers. The project aims to understand the demand in real estate sectors to better match skills and human ressources needs. It brings together several sub-projects on various real estate careers:

  • short videos (5 to 7 minutes) ;
  • 10  video conferences (1 hour each);
  • Development of an internship program;
  • Research projects on careers in real estate.